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The Dark Side of Installation Checklists [Part 1]


May 10, 2024    
11:30 am - 1:00 pm


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What are installation/service checklists meant to achieve? How often are they guestimates, and why? Does anyone review the lists when completed? Can checklists cause more harm than good? If digital commissioning with smart tools can solve the gaps left by manual checklists, why is it such a challenge to convert the industry? Wait, where can checklist be beneficial?

In part 1 of this series, we’ll hear from industry experts who enable HVAC professionals, manufacturers, distributors, program managers, and government officials in achieving #betterHVAC outcomes.

Hosted by Joe Medosch, Master measureQuick Trainer; Produced by Ben Reed

Special Guests:

Dave Petz is a seasoned technical support advisor and trainer at Johnstone Supply, the King Group, with 34 years of experience in the HVAC/R industry, including owning a business and working for the local transportation authority in the Philadelphia region. His expertise covers a wide range of HVAC systems, and he aims to become a Certified Master HVACR Educator (CMHE) within the next two years, focusing on being a pivotal educational resource for both customers and technicians.

Ryan Burrell is a seasoned expert in energy efficiency and home electrification with over 15 years of experience, currently serving as a Senior Business Development Manager at LG Air Conditioning Technologies in the Southeast. Before joining LG, he worked with Mitsubishi Electric HVAC and ICF, developing and implementing energy efficiency strategies, and holds numerous industry certifications including BPI Building Analyst/Envelope Professional and RESNET’s HERS Rater.

Agenda (subject to change before the event):

  • 11:30AM – Event begins, Joe introduces the topics & guests
  • 11:40AM – Discussion & presentations
  • 12:30PM – Q&A Period
  • 12:45-1PM – Wrap Up

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