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Guide for Data-Driven Maintenance During Cooling Season


May 14, 2024    
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm


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This is an external event produced by Skillcat – an online platform that offers accessible training courses specifically designed for blue-collar workers.

Joe Medosch, director of training at measureQuick will explain the importance of Standardization.

Applying repeatable processes is the key to having everyone in the company on the same page documenting the same measurements – directly from a system. This session we will cover the difference in generic checklist data vs. verifiable data that has industry targets and ranges for every measurement. If you don’t know what the measurements should be – then why are you measuring them!
Also covered is a quick overview of measureQuick Free Gauge Screen measurements and diagnostics vs. the Free Guided Workflows, step-by-step repeatable processes.

Join us and learn how you can learn measureQuicks Guided Workflows in the app for free, no probes or qubits needed.

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