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  • Heat Pump Hell: Navigating the Challenges of Mass Market Implementation
Heat Pump Hell: Navigating the Challenges of Mass Market Implementation


September 27, 2023    
11:00 am - 12:15 pm


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As the world transitions toward a future dominated by heat pumps, is the HVAC industry truly prepared?

This webinar delves deep into the challenges, complexities, and critical considerations surrounding the mass-scale installation of heat pumps. Hear from leading voices in the HVAC sector, many of whom have expressed reservations about the current state of the industry’s readiness. While many champion the benefits of heat pumps—touting their health, comfort, and efficiency benefits—our panelists offer a more cautious perspective. Drawing from their extensive experience and industry insights, they’ll explore what must transpire for the sector to evolve beyond potential pitfalls and realize a heat pump utopia. Join us as we navigate the road from “Heat Pump Hell” to a world where everyone can truly benefit from heat pump technology.

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  • Jeremy Begley – HVAC Design Partners
  • Shelby Breger – Co-Founder, Conduit Tech
  • Jim Bergmann – President, measureQuick
  • Dominick Guarino – National Comfort Institute

Agenda (subject to change before the event):

  • 11:00 Opening remarks
  • 11:05  Quick dive into the criticality of exact HVAC sizing in today’s context.  – Jeremy
  • 11:15  The importance of doing things right – Jim B
  • 11:30 The State of the Industry – Dom
  • 11:45 – 1-2 real world examples of where heat pump sizing and selection went wrong, what problems it caused, what the solution was and how it could have been avoided. –
  • 11:55 Wrap up – Shelby
  • 12:00 Q&A from the audience
  • 12:15 Finish

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