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The Dark Side of Installation Checklists [Part 2]


May 10, 2024    
8:30 pm - 10:00 pm


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What are installation/service checklists meant to achieve? How often are they guestimates, and why? Does anyone review the lists when completed? Can checklists cause more harm than good? If digital commissioning with smart tools can solve the gaps left by manual checklists, why is it such a challenge to convert the industry? Wait, where can checklist be beneficial?

In part 2 of this event, we’ll hear from two seasoned field professionals to discuss the challenges with the over reliance of checklists, and what to do about it.

Hosted by Joe Medosch, Master measureQuick Trainer; Produced by Ben Reed

Special Guests:

Paul McHugh has been a pivotal figure in the HVAC industry, serving as the Sales and Marketing Manager and Technical Trainer at Ray O. Cook Heating and Air in Roseville, California since 2006. With a career that began in 1990 after four years in the United States Marine Corps, McHugh has notably advanced from residential installations to a key role in sales, significantly contributing to the company’s growth and evolution with his expertise in problem-solving and customer service.

Thomas HoffMaster II, with over 32 years in the HVAC industry, has transitioned from roles such as installation technician and operations manager to serving as a technical representative for major manufacturers in the Washington DC area. Recently, he launched Hoffmaster Mechanical & Consulting LLC, focusing on consulting to improve technician training and management systems after earning recognition as York’s Service Manager of the Year in 2021 and receiving multiple training awards.

Agenda (subject to change before the event):

  • 11:30AM – Event begins, Joe introduces the topics & guests
  • 11:40AM – Discussion & presentations
  • 12:30PM – Q&A Period
  • 12:45-1PM – Wrap Up

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