No Airflow? No Heat Pump


May 24, 2024    
11:30 am - 1:00 pm


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Airflow testing and duct design and are critical elements of successful heat pump installations and one of the top causes of failure and poor performance. Lets discuss the options of testing airflow before replacement and if the ducts are adequate for the new system. Lets accept they’re probably Not, now what. What are you using to determine the duct design? Are you familiar with Manual D and T? We will cover easy to use design solutions and the challenges in upgrading existing duct systems. And hear from a real technician on overcoming the upgrades and challenges with the homeowner. “Its working fine right now!”

Hosted by Joe Medosch, Master measureQuick Trainer; Produced by Ben Reed

Special Guests:

Russ King is the CEO, founder, and co-owner of Coded Energy, Inc., and a licensed mechanical engineer with a specialized focus on energy efficiency in residential HVAC design. Over his 35-year career, King has made significant contributions to HVAC design, diagnostics, consulting, building science, and building performance. He holds professional engineering licenses in California, Nevada, and Hawaii. King has also developed the Kwik Model 3D software and founded, a website designed to help homeowners determine the optimal size of heating and cooling equipment for their needs, enhancing their ability to manage home energy use effectively.

Greg Kula has accumulated nine years of experience in the HVAC industry, primarily in installation and service roles, and is now the Service and Install Manager at Jones Services in Orange County, NY. Kula oversees all in-house HVAC design and installations and has integrated measureQuick into the company’s operations. This technology-driven approach enhances service quality and operational efficiency, setting a new standard in North American HVAC services. Under his leadership, Jones Services has leveraged empirical evidence and advanced diagnostics to not only maintain equipment but also improve sales processes and customer interactions, highlighting his commitment to innovative management and operational excellence.

Agenda (subject to change before the event):

  • 11:30AM – Event begins, Joe introduces the topics & guests
  • 11:40AM – Discussion & presentations
  • 12:30PM – Q&A Period
  • 12:45-1PM – Wrap Up

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