Use QBits to unlock the FULL power of your measureQuick app. With insightful reports you’ll document your measurements, easily communicate with customers, and score the health of HVACR systems.

What is a QBit?

Think preloaded gift card. Anyone registered to your HVACR company’s account can use QBits as they need them.

With QBits you have access to all of measureQuick’s Premier Services and Reports.  Use five QBits once a year for 365 days of continuous service and reporting for each full system (furnace and A/C system as one). Using Premier Services has proven to uncover HVACR system inefficiencies and provide opportunities for additional sales to get your customers systems working at their optimum efficiency. 

Minimum purchase: $20.00 (20 QBits)

1 QBit = $1.00 USD

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3 Steps to QBits


Create a company account


Assign staff to your account


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