Sensi Predict & measureQuick

Ensuring the commissioning process is performed correctly initially and at all future service.

The Sensi Predict-mQ combination leads to new market opportunities, increased revenue per ticket, new equipment sales, and new service contracts. Your outcome will always be positive with measureQuick and Sensi.

Sensi Predict monitors a system 24/7 and looks for changes in operation that predicate system failure. Sensi Predict not only monitors, but it predicts potential system problems before they turn to system failures. This means you find out in the shoulder season something is wrong before it fails on the hottest day of the year. Sensi Predict does not just give you measurement data for you to decipher the problem, it gives you true diagnostics so you know what has failed or what failure is likely to occur.

What Sensi Predict can do for your business

  • You and your customer are notified of degrading operation before system failure occurs.
  • Streamline with Sensi Predict to pull data into measureQuick with a tap of a button.
  • Make every call a billable call, and arrive with the right parts the first time.
  • Build an internal support system with Virtuoso, mQ’s remote data viewing feature

Example of faults Sensi Predict can forecast, Sensi Predict knows…

  • Multiple tries for ignition is likely a dirty flame rod.
  • That a shift in power factor is likely a failing capacitor.
  • When the filter is likely dirty
  • When the condenser needs cleaning
  • When a drain is draining slowly or even fully plugged


Learn step-by-step how to use the Sensi Predict workflow. From starting in mQ to submitting completed reports to Sensi. Great for those who need to learn the steps of the integration.


If you’re ready to grab a Sensi and start installing, here’s the place to go. We recommend installing Sensi on your own system first in order to understand the intricacies of installation and the benefits of the outcome.

Sensi Predict Site

If you want to learn more about Sensi Predict, from Sensi, this is where you want to go. Nobody knows a product more than the company that makes it. Learn more about the product from the experts.

Sensi Predict & measureQuick videos

mQ & Sensi Predict Integration

measureQuick has partnered with Sensi Predict to bring you the most complete form of HVACR predictive maintenance tool available. Reduce truck rolls, make service contracts more profitable, better leverage your labor force, and make every truck roll a profitable roll. This is what measureQuick was born for! Check out the video to learn all the new features.

How to troubleshoot Sensi Predict faults

Jim works through how to troubleshoot a system that has the Sensi Predict with a fault sensed. Find out how quickly a system can be diagnosed, fixed and benchmarked. He opens measureQuick through the Sensi Predict portal, activates probes on site and he can quickly determine what the issue is.

Sensi Predict & Smart Thermostat Install

Jim installs a Sensi Predict & Smart Thermostat on an existing home system. See how easy and quick the install process is. Installing the Sensi Predict took Jim about an hour from start-to-finish, which included setting the account up online and connecting the system to the owner's wifi.
  • “We’ve built service agreements around Sensi Predict/measureQuick. We can get the customer on a plan that eliminates the twice yearly visit, freeing the customer’s time and ensuring that when we see them, they are confident there is an issue. Our customers are really receptive to the idea that we can passively monitor and respond to issues as opposed to coming out and making educated guesses as to when a part will fail. The customer is on solid footing with our technicians; and the transparency we offer is greatly valued.”
    Corey Rodgerson
    Climate Heating and Cooling Va.
  • “I have been diving into Sensi Predict paired with measureQuick since the symposium. Here is my pros/cons list, see what you think.
    easy install
    no pressure taps
    no pumping systems down (as with those of whom we do not speak)
    remote diagnostic of nearly every scenario we could come up with
    low low monthly cost
    1 site visit per year or 5… only go when it’s needed
    diagnose and repair a system before the homeowner looses comfort
    use nearly any stat
    proper filter alerts $$
    24/7 monitoring $$
    lock in the customer for life
    monthly soft check within seconds $$
    …… ya got me, I can’t think of one”

    Robert Noland