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Every decision that a technician makes should be based upon a measurement. Sadly, many times the only decision is simply to make or not make the measurement itself. Technicians, contractors, or owners might realize months, years, or even decades later that they have been missing key measurements, not making measurements correctly, or misinterpreting the meaning of the measured results. These situations don’t work in a company’s, technician’s, or customer’s favor. To compound matters and make them worse, many trades are experiencing significant turnover, and those experienced with making measurements and subsequent decisions are simply retiring and walking out the door. Many industries are forced to use lower skill level labor, which cripples productivity and creates exposure that a company would rather avoid. When it comes to legal exposure, remembering what you did yesterday is sometimes hard — let alone what you did last year or 5 years ago for that matter. More often than not, technicians simply cannot measure, don’t know what to measure, or they don’t know what to do with the results. In many industries technicians simply cannot provide a reasonable standard of care. 

measureQuick, by Manifold Cloud Services Ltd., is measurement operating system (OS) software that manages measurement hardware and software resources to provide common services for test and measurement applications. measureQuick provides sophisticated measurement and diagnostic tools that close the skilled labor gap, making it possible to leverage a lower-skilled workforce while making highly skilled technicians more productive. Both significantly increase first-time fix rates using interactive dynamic checklists with built-in diagnostics, data sharing, reporting, and analytics.

measureQuick further solves the problem by providing verified data from Bluetooth-equipped measurement devices. Verified data assures that the readings taken are the readings that are recorded, and they were recorded at the job site location. This elegant solution curtails issues with incorrect measurements, transcription errors, recording of measurements in the wrong locations, and using incorrect units of measure. It also assures that the paperwork is done at the time of testing, and not days or weeks after from memory in the parking lot of the office.

The question is… are you taking advantage of everything measureQuick offers?

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