BluFlame Combustion Analyzer

The Best Analyzer on the Market

If you are looking for your first analyzer or you are a seasoned professional, the BluFlame Combustion Analyzer is in our opinion the best value on the market. The BluFlame has a long life and high range CO sensor and an O2 sensor designed to last for up to 5 years.  Additionally the barbed fittings and standard k-type thermocouple connections mitigate the need to buy expensive adapters if you want to use the analyzer as a multipurpose tool. 

Sturdy and compact, this is the only analyzer that works directly with measureQuick. With commercial quality sensor technology, the BluFlame is unparalleled in quality and ease of use. 

An all in one, high-tech, multi-tool, the handheld gas analyzer is ideal for the entire commissioning process from setting the input to the fuel pressure to verification of proper draft. Paired with a free innovative iOS and Android diagnostic and reporting application, this compact unit is a true breakthrough in the industry.


  • Works with measureQuick!
  • Flue gas analyzer with real-time combustion calculation
  • Digital manometer for stack draft and differential pressure
  • Digital dual channel temperature measurement
  • Backlit, color touch screen is intuitive and easy to use
  • Combustion and efficiency analyzer in one with integrated ambient air carbon monoxide testing
  • CO sensor has built in NOx filter (complies with BPI-1200 testing requirements)
  • Large fuel type list for multiple applications
  • High capacity lithium-ion battery
  • Internal data storage of up to 1,000 complete measurement data sets
  • Easy data collection features include USB and SD card (Bluetooth equipped)

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