measureQuick Enabled Tool:

mQ Features:

Live Data Streaming

Supported Models:

SC480, SC680

Tool Overview: 

Fieldpiece Multimeter

The first multimeter that allows us to connect more than 1 meter at a time. Use 1 meter or 2, one at the condenser and one at the air handler. The range is 35′ unobstructed. Here are the steps to using the meter with measureQuick once it’s connected to the app.

1. Turn the meter knob to Watts
2. Turn on Bluetooth
3. Open electrical measurements in mQ
4. Hit the “capture’“ button for power (watts)
5. Switch the meter knob to Amps
6. Turn on Bluetooth
7. Hit the “select” key on the meter to get Volts & Amps on the display
8. Hit “capture” in mQ to hold Amperage & Power factor

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