measureQuick Enabled Tool:

mQ Features:

Live Data Streaming

Supported Models:

SM380v & SM480v

Tool Overview: 

Fieldpiece SMAN

With the Fieldpiece Wireless SMAN’s and measureQuick, it is now easier than ever to charge a system. The combination of the two make the process seamless and simple. Use measureQuick System Vitals Mode to easily determine how much refrigerant to add or remove. We do all the math for you.

The Fieldpiece SM480V is a four port digital manifold with micron gauge. The SM480V is the direct replacement for the SMAN400 series (SMAN440 and SMAN460) and does not require the JL2 transmitter for wireless connections. From the extremely rugged overmolded casing, reinforced hook, and hermetically sealed sight glass, to the wireless capabilities, data logging, and tightness test, the SM480V is built so you can do your job easier, faster and better.

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