Premier Services

About Premier Services

Find faults and make money. 70% of systems have charge and airflow problems that provide ripe opportunities for equipment repair and replacement. Companies that use measureQuick show:
  • Increases in new market opportunities
  • 40-60% increased revenues per ticket
  • New equipment sales and new service contracts
  • Reduced truck rolls and call backs

Optimize the knowledge of your best tech and fuel the energetic greenhorn on the job. measureQuick changes the way service work is done.

What Are the Premier Features in the App?

5 QBits/System/Year

When in doubt, the app will tell you. We keep it simple though, unlock a project once and all the features are available for use.

Data Streaming

Support technicians in the field, control quality installations remotely, and better leverage your support personnel. You see what your tech sees from your desktop or smart device with each party having complete control and visibility of the data, diagnostics, and performance of the system. 

PDF Reports

Clear. Concise. Detailed. measureQuick reports will add a new layer of professionalism as well as a means to throughly document problems, generate service and new equipment sales. The reports shows measurement data, diagnostics, clear pass/fails information and photo documentation. 

Retrieving Cloud Data

No more duplicate data input and no more wondering if it is supposed to operate that way. When you start a project from the cloud all of the system information and equipment benchmarks populate in the app, leaving mQ to simply gather a new set of measurements, make a diagnostic and produce an awesome mQ report!

ServiceTitan Support

Our most popular CRM integration (OK, it's the only one, more to come) that allows you to assign projects in mQ and attach the mQ PDF report to the ST job in a seamless easy-to-use manner. 

Unlimited Photos

Photos are a powerful documentation and sales tool to make your customer aware of the condition of their equipment as well as for your company to document a job well done. Photos of data tags can also eliminate a second trip to the field, eliminating a costly truck roll.  

Leveraging mQ for your business

How mQ can work for your business

mQ gives your customers peace of mind that they’re not being scammed. No offense, but it’s a big problem in the industry. Customers are apprehensive and doubtful about that new system they’re being pressured to have installed. measureQuick is a non-influenced 3rd-party diagnostic of a customer’s system so you can give them facts, not opinion. Having an easy-to-read analysis reports will make it easier for your technicians to have those uncomfortable talks with customers. We even made it pretty with color.  See below for an example pdf report.

The cost of mQ services

Good news! You don’t pay for measureQuick. We designed it to be an operational cost, not an overhead one, meaning at the end of the day, your customer pays for the service. Our cost is $5/system/365 days. If you think that that’s a lot, think about it this way… five dollars is nothing compared to the revenue you leave on the table by not using it. Don’t trip over dollars to pick up dimes. Learn more about our payment structure and QBits below.

How to use mQ to increase revenue/ticket

Ever want to put Jim Bergmann in your pocket? In a way, you can. measureQuick has the diagnostic tools to find problems your technicians might miss, leaving revenue on the table and ultimately creating an eventual call back. Contractors who use the measureQuick diagnostic tool to find billable problems have found an increase of 40-60% in revenue.

How to launch mQ into your business

Not gonna lie, it takes time and persistence…and about 6 weeks. Let’s be real, HVAC guys can be stubborn and set in their ways (to put it nicely). Teaching them a new way of doing things will be an adjustment, but you’ll never reach your goals by staying in the same place. You have help too! We have extensive training options available to you. Find out more about our training options here.

What to expect once mQ is incorporated

Once mQ is incorporated into your business, your dispatchers might panic. Technicians will be spending longer time on jobsites because they’re finding more issues! Be prepared to adjust staffing accordingly.

PDF Analysis Reports

Our analysis reports allow trust, confidence and dialect to flow between your technician and your customer.

The pdf analysis report shows many things, but perhaps the most important feature to your business is the nine-point systems check that gives a clear pass/fail to the customer. This pass/fail feature opens the door to conversation that you can show to your customer using facts instead of objective opinion.

Getting Started

Take a look at our onboarding process. See the steps it takes to incorporate mQ into your business without making any commitments yet.

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