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Taking House-As-A-System To Whole New Level.

Step over the crowd and generate high-value projects using the residential HVAC Industry's most innovative air managment software and hardware.

The most accurate way to measure & verify

total system airflow in residential system.

Ultimate Simplicity

No more manual airflow calculations and duct traversals. Welcome to the future.

Unparalleled Accuracy

Patented & hardened technology - second to none when measuring total system air flow.

measureQuick Compatible

Measurements seamlessly integrate into measureQuick platform.

Instant Consumer Reports

Sales of high-value upgrades have never been this easy.

Quality Installation Made Easy

measureQuick, TEC & ACCA have joined forces for the new ANSI/RESNET/ACCA 310 Quality Installation Standard.  Learn how this alliance will benefit your business.

What Business Owners Are Saying About 

TEC + measureQuick

Few times in life do you get a win-win opportunity such as this.

We used to scramble making purchases for branded merchandise with our co-op dollars that provided little value to our customers and our business. When I learned that I could purchase the the Digital TrueFlow Grid with our co-op dollars because of its branded customer report feature, I immediately acquired more for our team which allowed us to become more transparent with showing our value to clients. Few times in life do you get a win-win opportunity such as this!

Dustin ColeOwner, Cole Air

Literally the only tool on the market that can do this.

The TrueFlow generates a report of total system airflow and pressure measurements throughout the HVAC system.  Literally the only tool on the market that can do this. 

Relying on static pressures and estimating airflow with the use of OEM fan tables exposes the technician to margins of error, but now I can rest assure that my airflow measurement is measured and not assumed, no matter the condition of the system.  The same can not be said with the use of fan tables.

Genry GarciaOwner, Comfort Dynamics Inc

measureQuick & TEC: The Competitive Edge

I have been an original Legacy TrueFlow user for years, which was great for HVAC geeks, but not customer friendly. Customers would give me the deer in headlights look. The Digital TrueFlow Grid with Bluetooth and app makes the results self explanatory for homeowners to understand and have peace of mind. This tool along with its integration to measureQuick helps you differentiate yourself from your competitors and increases sales.

Doug KrahlOwner, American Temperature Control

Hardware to make the invisible, visible.

The Digital TrueFlow® Grid

The most accurate way to measure residential total system airflow, with it's own app that integrates into measureQuick 

The Minneapolis Blower DoorTM 

The Minneapolis Blower Door has long been recognized as the best designed and supported building airtightness testing system in the world. Combined with specialized accessories and testing procedures developed by The Energy Conservatory, the Minneapolis Blower DoorTM is the system of choice for utility DSM programs, energy raters, HVAC contractors and weatherization professionals.

The Minneapolis Blower Door
The DG-8 & The DG-1000

Never before has TEC accuracy been more accessible for critical building pressure measurement applications. Choose the DG-8 for a single cost-effective pressure channel, or the DG-1000 for two channels and Wi-Fi.

More About TEC

The Energy Conservatory is solving the problem of measuring total system airflow through an indoor air conditioning system. This has been a cumbersome task for too long. The Digital TrueFlow is the most transparent and easy way to capture this measurement.

Total system airflow measurement is vital to operation of the air conditioning system. Without a proper airflow measurement, we can not confirm the delivered BTU capacity, nor the ratio of moisture removal vs temperature reduction being completed by the indoor coil.

About TEC

TEC has a hardline business model. We are a pressure and flow measurement company. This is what they are known for and so we feel it is our duty to make airflow and pressure measurements easier while working in the field.

TEC has a vast array of air flow and pressure measurement products backed up with intuitive software. Our journey began in air tightness working with weatherization, builders, HERS rater, etc. Now, we are looking to expand our focus to the HVAC technicians with the implementation of the Digital TrueFlow Grid.