Connected Tools

Cast and Connect Competing Tool Manufacturers Together

The measureQuick App

Never before has an HVAC Technician been able to mesh multi-tool data together to create one cohesive picture. The companies listed below have a shared vision – to hold hands and mold PlayDoh™ (metaphorically speaking) together in order to enrich the trade. Together, we are sculpting a masterpiece to bring you sweet sweet awesomeness.

*Not all of the products below have a direct connection to the application. But by using the links to purchase products, you are supporting the measureQuick family.

Sunset Products

Tools that at one point have worked with measureQuick but are no longer supported.

  • Testo 770-3 Electrical
  • Testo 320 Combustion Analyzer
  • Testo 330-1 LX Combustion Analyzer
  • Testo 330-2 LX Combustion Analyzer