The Story of measureQuick: Revolutionizing the HVAC Industry

We recognized the glaring issues that plagued the HVAC trade: inconsistency, inefficiency, and lack of standardization. As a result, customer dissatisfaction was widespread, and businesses struggled to achieve their full potential. Jim knew something had to change—fast.

In January 2007, Steve Jobs changed the world when he introduced the iPhone with these simple words: “We’re going to make some history together today… We want to make a leapfrog product that is way smarter than any mobile device has ever been and super easy to use.”

When I saw the iPhone, I immediately compared it to the lowly digital display meters in my lab, and I realized I could make the HVACR industry so much better. While Steve Jobs had Steve Wozniak, I had the “Wonderful Wizard,” Bobby. We began working together in March 2013. If I could dream it. He could build it. In Bobby, I also found a person that was as tenacious and relentless as I was at solving problems and fixing an industry that was in desperate need of immersion in technology.

We were on our way – we were going to make our own history, and create our own leapfrog solution.

Jim Bergmann

CEO & Co-Founder

The Problem: Fragmented Industry, Confused Customers

Technicians using different diagnostic methods often led to a mishmash of results, wasted time, and unhappy customers. This significant problem begged for a solution. The industry needed a way to level the playing field, not just for HVAC professionals but also for the customers who rely on them to keep their homes comfortable and efficient.

The measureQuick Solution: Build the Bridges

We created measureQuick—a game-changing HVAC diagnostic and performance app designed to unify the industry, streamline processes, and deliver the kind of customer satisfaction every HVAC professional could be proud of. By combining cutting-edge technology with tried-and-true expertise, measureQuick enables technicians, owners, and service managers to work smarter, faster, and more consistently. Now is the time to be part of the HVAC revolution. Don't let businesses or customers be left behind. Embrace the measureQuick difference and join the journey to transform the HVAC industry for the better—starting today.

About us

measureQuick® is the one and only multi-brand HVACR wireless tool platform that can stream data, run diagnostics, and walk your dog at the same time (j/k, but it’s on our roadmap). It’s the brain child of Jim Bergmann and Bobby Bonitati and it is continually being tested and upgraded because of them. After some time though they realized they couldn’t do it alone, so they’ve added a few more peeps to the team.

Meet the Team

  • We’re awesome.
  • We’re bourbon drinkers.
  • We’re human! Well, some of us are.

Software Security


Interests include ripping the guts out of stuff toys, napping on favorite chair, and playing. Now accepting squeaky-toy donations. Follow him on Twitter.



Interests include drinking bourbon, app development, mega planning, educating, and determining specific volume from density… and warm hugs.

VP & Snack Procurer


Enjoys website development, turning employees into stick figures and bourbon hour Friday. Usually found eating snacks.

secret weapon


Don’t touch him, he’s ours… “These are not the droids you’re looking for… Move along.”



Interests are computers.

Tech Support


This is Jimmy. Jimmy has never eaten a vegetable, ever. His body is kept together by the glue from processed foods. Yet, he’s a stick figure.

Customer Success Manager

Joe (NOT Jim)

He’s from Colorado… aaannnd that’s all you need to know about Joe.