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Integrate our Premier Services as an operational cost, bundled into every service call.

measureQuick Pricing Overview

Basic Access


Technicians can use measureQuick to find unseen issues using a multitude of Bluetooth tools. 

  • Connect Bluetooth Tools
  • Set Target Zones
  • Quick Test Capabilities
  • Equipment Performance Metrics
  • Save to Cloud*
  • Just in time education

Premier Services

$5 / system / year

5 QBits unlock premier services for the year, including unlimited uploads, tests, and remote streaming.

Includes Everything in Basic Access, plus...

  • Advanced Diagnostics
  • Data Streaming (TestTracker)
  • Unlimited Project Data Storage
  • Unlimited Photo Storage
  • Company Branded Homeowner Facing Reports
  • Vitals Score Reports
  • CRM Integrations
  • Screenshots

How our pricing works

Unlock a project for 5 QBits and receive access to ALL of measureQuick’s Premier Services.  Unlocked projects are available to access 365 days for each full system (furnace and A/C system as one). 5 QBits, per system, per year.

Using Premier Services has proven to uncover HVACR system inefficiencies and provide opportunities for additional sales to get your customers systems working at their optimum efficiency. Customers who use Premier Services have seen double the revenue per ticket.

Minimum purchase: $25.00 (25 QBits)

1 QBit = $1.00 USD

Already have an account? Login to purchase QBits. Once logged in click on “Billing” in the left hand menu.

What's A "QBit"?

Think preloaded gift card. Anyone registered under your company account can pull from the company QBit balance as they need them. QBits are pay-per-use only. We do not offer a subscription.

How to Purchase & Use QBits


Configure Account

Sign up or log in for a free account, add your company information, and add your team members.


Load QBits

On the Cloud Portal, click "Billing" and enter your billing information, then purchase QBits and set your auto-reload.


Use Premier Services

Train and empower your technicians to unlock Premier Services on every service call.

Ready to Get Started?

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