measureQuick is

The Glue of the HVAC Industry.

Streamline with your favorite manufacturers' Bluetooth® tools with a tap of a button.

A single app which aggregates data, diagnoses faults, analyzes systems,  educates HVACR technicians, and unlocks more profits on every call.

measureQuick is

Consistent results across the board.

Owners benefit from measureQuick's efficiency, process standardization, and improved business performance. The app integrates with popular CRMs, simplifying customer management and demonstrating a commitment to quality and professionalism that sets their business apart.

Service Managers can use measureQuick to monitor team performance and ensure high service quality. Remote diagnostics and monitoring capabilities enable real-time support, while Smart Maintenance and Continuous Monitoring features help develop proactive, data-driven maintenance programs.

MeasureQuick streamlines technicians' workflows by connecting with Bluetooth-enabled HVAC tools. The app boosts productivity and customer satisfaction with guided diagnostics, comprehensive reports, and remote monitoring, reducing callbacks and increasing job satisfaction.

measureQuick is

Assured Performance and Efficiency

Expert Diagnostics

Comprehensive diagnostic capabilities for HVAC systems, ensuring accurate and reliable measurements every time.

Remote Streaming

Advanced remote monitoring and diagnostics to streamline maintenance and save time for your team.

System Vitals Reports

Customizable reporting and system vitals reports to effectively communicate results to your customers.

Just-in-Time Training

Access to a library of training resources, tutorials, and webinars to help your team stay up to date with industry trends.

Powerful Integrations

Seamless integration with third-party tools and software, simplifying your workflow and increasing efficiency.

Unlimited Storage

Secure cloud storage for easy access to your data and reports from anywhere, at any time.

Smart Maintenance

24/7 remote monitoring integration to enhance HVAC maintenance programs, enhancing customer satisfaction, and boosting revenue.

ACCA QI Certificates

Built-in support for ACCA Quality Installation Certificates, demonstrating your commitment to industry standards and excellence.

measureQuick is

The one app to rule them all.

Discover the unique advantage of measureQuick – the only HVAC app that seamlessly connects with the industry's top Bluetooth-enabled tools. Our platform integrates with leading devices from manufacturers like Testo, Fieldpiece, and iManifold, providing a single interface to gather crucial data and streamline your diagnostic process. With measureQuick, you can harness the power of cutting-edge technology to enhance your team's capabilities and deliver exceptional service to your customers. Experience the unparalleled convenience and efficiency of connecting your favorite tools all in one place, exclusively with measureQuick.

Check out measureQuick 2.0

our biggest update ever, with a new interface and even more integrations to optimize every service call for every technician.

measureQuick 2.0:

Redesigned for the modern technician.

Updated Home Screen

We broke down the home screen into task cards so you can completely customize your user experience. Don’t need to see projects card? Hide it or minimize it to get it out of your way. Only work with features you use. Don’t like change? No problem, you can always revert back to classic mode.

Split Screen

mQ users can now work though a project without having to toggle in and out of the home screen gauges. Simply turn your tablet sideways while you’re in a project and the screen will auto adjust.

New PDF Reporting

We’ve expanded our reporting options to include a customer facing Vitals report, a measurement details report, a corrective actions report, and a photo only document. Or get them all in one! Don’t want the new reporting? No problem. mQ classic reporting is still available.

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