measureQuick Check out the new and improved 2.0 user interface The future of quality assurance Learn More measureQuick A Connected System of Tools, Services and Technology to Grow Your HVAC/R Business
The future of quality assurance Learn More
measureQuick A Connected System of Tools, Services and Technology to Grow Your HVAC/R Business
The future of quality assurance Learn More

measureQuick is Measurement Science at Work!

It’s a comprehensive HVACR application that: collects measurements, aggregates data, diagnoses faults, analyzes systems, and educates HVACR technicians. Streamline with your favorite manufacturers' Bluetooth® tools with a tap of a button. Use ServiceTitan®? Integrate directly into that system too. Build an internal support system with Virtuoso, our web based portal for account management and remote data viewing feature so senior HVACR professionals can help with tricky systems from anywhere they are. Improve quality, increase revenue, and eliminate callbacks.

New mQ 2.0

New PDF Reporting

We’ve expanded our reporting options to include a customer facing Vitals report, a measurement details report, a corrective actions report, and a photo only document. Or get them all in one! Don’t want the new reporting? No problem. mQ classic reporting is still available.

  • Part of Premier Features for only $5 QBits to unlock 
  • Click here to see a sample of our Pro report

Split Screen for Tablet Users

mQ users can now work though a project without having to toggle in and out of the home screen gauges. Simply turn your tablet sideways while you’re in a project and the screen will auto adjust.

  • Free to use and not limited to Premier Features

Updated Home Screen

We broke down the home screen into task cards so you can completely customize your user experience. Don’t need to see projects card? Hide it or minimize it to get it out of your way. Only work with features you use. Don’t like change? No problem, you can always revert back to classic mode.

  • Free to use and not limited to Premier Features

Our Services

Virtuoso Portal

Use our web-based portal to manage your HVACR business and your team. Manage your staff user accounts, reload your business QBit balance, view your staff’s work, connect your ServiceTitan account, view live streaming data from technicians while they work on an HVACR system, and much more.


Scroll through our extensive video library or sign up for personalized online HVACR training classes for your crew. Get completion reports and updates on staff training. We also offer live training workshops. Whatever your needs, training with measureQuick starts here.

Premier Services

measureQuick can become your HVACR business’ biggest asset by finding billable faults normally missed, therefore reducing callbacks and increasing revenue. The real question is “What’s the cost of NOT using measureQuick?” Find out what our Premier Services are.

What the heck is a QBit?

Perhaps you've heard us talking about them. QBits are a digital currency that unlock the full power of measureQuick. For the minimal amount of $5.00 per system per year you'll get an in-depth look at the entire HVACR system to assist you in uncovering problems that aren't apparent. Use the reports to communicate with customers to help them understand how your recommendations can save them money in energy costs. Load the company account with QBits and anybody in the account can pull from the balance. 1 QBit = $1.00

QBits in 3 steps

Step 1

From a computer, log into the Virtuoso Portal and click on the Company tab.

Step 2

Complete your Company’s Billing information

Step 3

Click on the Billing Tab under Company and set up your preferences for QBits.

You’re All Set!

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    Basic Refrigeration Cycle - An Overview

    Vacuum & Evacuation

    mQ 2.0 release

    Let’s get back to the basics.
    You can’t understand the equipment you’re working on unless you have a good base. It would be like cooking without salt or pepper... no bueno. In this video, Jim will go over in detail; the refrigeration cycle, superheat, subcooling, discharge, suction, compressor, pressure flow, metering device, what flash gassing is, relationship between pressure and temperature, the flow of energy and much more.
    Grab some popcorn (and maybe a glass of bourbon) and enjoy 1 hour and 15 minutes of Jim Bergmann love.
    This is Jim’s accredited lecture on evacuation. Learn; why larger diameter vacuum dedicated hoses are superior to the commonly used hoses, the importance of a good evacuation, what formicary corrosion is, what pump size you would need for a job, what vacuum gauge is recommended and much more.
    Learn the in's and out's of our new 2.0 release.
    In this video we will share with you how to navigate through the new user interface. We will walk you through a project workflow from start to finish.