Sidestep the labor crisis with Smart Maintenance®

And make every truck roll a billable truck roll with measureQuick &

stop wasting time & money

Transform your maintenance department into a money making machine.

measureQuick paired with's Smart Maintenance® will maximize your labor assets and removes wasteful jobs that are “fluff”. Let technology take care of the easy stuff. 


And grow your business with measureQuick +

step 1

Commission with measureQuick

The only commissioning platform for residential HVAC, and the best way to reduce diagnostic times, prioritize faults, and unify processes across all technicians in your company.

  • Reduce diagnostic time
  • Prioritize faults
  • Uncover hidden revenue

step 2

Connect with

In 15 minutes,'s wireless sensors create a digital, connected home service experience for you and your customers.

  • Eliminate no-fee truck rolls
  • View equipment health insights remotely
  • Provide your customer with peace of mind

step 3

Create Revenue Opportunities

Benchmarked & 24/7 connected systems transform your service from reactionary to proactive.

  • Retain customers for life
  • Capture every revenue opportunity 
  • Enhance workforce productivity

build your brand

Keep your brand top of mind with your customers through co-branded homeowner app and customized packaging. 

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two industry leading hvac platforms

Brought together to grow your business.

 Save Valuable Time

Engineered software workflows between your CRM, measureQuick & eliminate duplicate data input

Eliminate Callbacks

Do it right the first time, every time by standardizing your maintenance program

Find all revenue opportunities

Uncover every fault during annual maintenance, and get notified of any possible lead 365 days a year

Multiply your Conversions

measureQuick's System Vitals & always-on, cost effective monitoring become a no-brainer for conscientious  homeowners

what owners are saying

About the product

“ has the best product on the market to help grow your HVAC and Plumbing business.”

Ken Goodrich

Founder & CEO, Goettl HomeServices

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Tersh & Chad discuss how they have integrated measureQuick on every call their technician's make.

We are really big on measureQuick right now. It's supporting our growth and supporting the technicians that we're bringing from outside the industry into our industry... And every maintenance agreement that we sell going forward will have's Smart Maintenance is easy to use and it's priced right.

Chad Simpson

Founder & CEO, Simpson Salute

We use measureQuick in all of our businesses. measureQuick just shows that you did or didn't do it the right way. That's what I like about it. I love when Jim first introduced measureQuick - I was on board instantly and I thought this is the greatest thing since sliced bread. And when we don't use measureQuick properly is whenever we start having failures.

Tersh Blissett

Founder & CEO, Service Emperor tests like measureQuick, inlet to outlet, looking at performance of the SYSTEM

Easy Setup, Powerful Insights

  • Supply air temp/ Delta T issue
  • Poor trending AC/Heating performance
  • Supply air temp vs Outside air temp
  • Pressure issues (low, sudden change, etc.)
  • Filter life via time and pressure trends
  • Water in drain pan
  • Runtime by mode (AC, heat, fan)
  • Runtime increase vs outside air
  • Envelope performance
  • Poor attic temp 
  • Poor building envelope
  • High Humidity
  • Refrigerant Leaks
  • Frozen coil
  • integration is available now in the measureQuick app!

    Start your employee pilot by clicking the button below. You’ll receive face-to-face training on how to integrate this new solution into your company’s maintenance program.

    The Benefits

    Of standardizing your maintenance department with measureQuick

    • Assured quality on every call, regardless of technician skill
    • Uncover overlooked opportunities
    • 30-50% reduced callbacks
    • 80-90% increased average ticket size
    • Average ROI of 500%+


    Of upgrading your maintenance program with

    • Manage more homes with fewer truck rolls
    • Double or Triple take rate on maintenance plans
    • Differentiate your brand
    • Eliminate no-fee calls with data-driven intelligent dispatch
    • Real-time water and leak detection

    measurequick &

    Are the foundation of #betterhvac

    Hi, I’m Jim Bergmann.

    I’ve spent 30+ years my life watching these problems build, and I’ve also chosen to spend my career trying to fix them. I believe in a future of #betterhvac – where every call is a billable call. Callbacks become a thing of the past. No time is wasted on unnecessary travel, duplicate tests, or duplicate data entry. 

    Homeowners are satisfied with every interaction with their service company because it is transparent. A future where doing every job correctly is frictionless, hassle-free, and the only way for a HVAC company to stay profitable in a competitive market.

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    You are fully protected by's quality lead guarantee.

    If a Lead supplied by the Platform is in error and an actual system issue is not found, will reimburse your diagnostic fee up to $150.

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