measureQuick User Guide

Written by Jim Bergmann

June 3, 2019

New to measureQuick HVAC? Check out our latest user guide to learn how to use measureQuick HVAC and make the most out of all of the features it has to offer.

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  1. I can’t see the whole screen on my phone or tablet. I can’t scroll the main screen so some of the measurements are hidden.

  2. Why does measurequick keep kicking me out in the middle of inputting info. I lose everything I’ve put in. This has been happening for a few weeks.

    1. Are you completely shutting down the app when you’re done with it? Double tap home button then swiping up (on a mac)? We push out updates often, so if the app isn’t shut down properly, you wont ever get an option to update the app, which may be causing the problem.

  3. I use fieldpiece wireless. i want to use measure quick. Do i have to buy the testo and redfish meter to completly get all the data from Measure Quick.

  4. I can see probes linked to mQ App from Toolbox – probe manager since those probes showed LIVE Data. But I couldn’t see any LIVE data from Home button. I clicked the red flag it showed” Key data points for diagnostics are missing: The following data points are not currently input into mQ and are required for full system diagnostics. Suck Line Temperature, Liquid Line Temperature, Superheat, Subcooling, Outdoor air Temperature, Return Air Temperature, Supply Air Temperature.

    It seems on Home screen it couldn’t get live data from probes. Any ideas to solve the problem?


  5. I am just getting started with MQ, but I like it. Are there contractor-focused accounts available for companies? I could see doing our premium tune ups with MQ and having the previous performance readily available for each ensuing tune up. I would want the saved projects to be available to users who are part of my company. Thinking of all the possibilities … My wish list 🙂

    1. Very soon we will be pushing out our web based software, so contractors can see streaming field data and keep information in the cloud so it can be pulled down at a later date. Keep an eye on any of our social media accounts to get the latest on that.

      1. I watched the video about system performance on the measure quick app. One question I had was about the airflow section. Is that estimate based on the delta T or do we need to airflow measuring device?

  6. Good afternoon, Jim! My name is Slava, I am from Russia. You have fans of your work here. My friends bought iConnect in Russia. In 2012-2016, I myself developed with my friend a device similar to iConnect, only the application that we developed displayed on the computer screen the readings of sensors for monitoring simultaneously 4 refrigeration circuits. In mq hvac there is no way to control immediately 2.3, or 4 refrigeration circuits. I have to use two smartphones and two applications. And what’s worse – there is no way to attach a Testo115i sensor to control air temperature, which is bad. I use testo 115i also to control the temperature of the water on the chiller pipes. Please enter the ability to attach testo115i to control any temperature, not just the temperature of the pipes of the refrigeration circuit. With great respect to you!

    1. We are working on a multi circuit mode for release this coming month. We will have to make a separate profile for chillers. That will take a little longer.

  7. Jim,
    Is there a way to view projects and reports on PC or web browser? I would like to have all of my technicians using the app, but I want to be able to see their info a bit more conveniently. Also, is there a way to link accounts so the work my team is performing would come to me automatically?

    1. When we eventually roll out cloud services, you will be able to set up an account and have users under you, that will access their reports. We are looking to launch this service (Hopefully) late next month.

  8. In the Refrigeration Applications Can you give me a some examples or a better definition of what is meant by Refrigeration class 1 -5.

    1. Some manufacturers use class 1-5 to identity the design temperature differences of their evaporator coils. The design temperature difference dictates the humidity control.

  9. I’m sorry if I overlooked this in the user manual. I have 2 questions about the graphics. I am using the fieldpiece job link set. Intermittatly I will see blue/green/red scale greyed out. The values still look to be updating. Does this just mean it is not getting an updated measurement from the probes and is using the last known reading? Also I see the “pivot” point of the needle turn into a red dot randomly then goes away. It happens on all of the guages at some point it seems. What is this indicating? Thank you in advance.

  10. Is there any way to view the relative humidity on the app? Also could you guys consider adding a Geothermal and Ice Machine testing selection? Loving the app by the way, I’m fresh out of school and it has been great to me.

    1. Go to your settings and change your Air Moisture Indicators to RH%. We see Geothermal and Ice Machine testing in our future for sure! And thanks for the feedback!

  11. Hi Jim,
    • Can I use the App in automotive application?
    • Is it possible to make r134a the default refrigerant each time I am opening the App?
    • If a vehicle using a Block Valve txv- which metering device should I choose in the App?


    1. Hi Johnny, thanks for reaching out!
      • Yes, you can use the app for automotive
      • As of now, the default refrigerant is r410a and that can’t be changed. But, we will be doing major updates to the app this year and changing that default is on the agenda.
      • Use txv as your metering device

  12. I am on my virtuoso page and I brought up a past projects and I can't find on that project where my refrigeration measurements are. I know I had done them when I did the project. I wanted to compare them to see how they were compared
    to what i am going to do today.

  13. Recently bought bluetooth keyboard for galaxy tab 8plus.. when using it the app closes very weird. Any thoughts? Thanks Ted

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