MeasureQUICK HVAC Error Reporting, Roadmap, and App Updates in Progress

Written by Bobby Bonitati

August 21, 2017

Hey guys, Bobby here with the dev team at MeasureQUICK. Now that the mQ HVAC app has released to the public on Android and iOS, we’re already hard at work towards the follow-up release. Thanks, everyone, for your feedback and we look forward to getting more at [email protected] or through our social media outlets.

Here are some things that are completed that will be in the next release:

  • Fixed issue with target subcooling not accepting the input value if a non-fixed metering device is selected. (Thanks, Brad Lunsford for finding this.)
  • Typos in the low subcooling diagnostic screens, (Thanks to Cory Ray for finding this.)
  • Screen will stay awake as long as the app is open
  • Nominal tonnage now defaults to 1 (demo data stays at 2 tons)
  • Swipe enabled over the 4 information blocks (where liquid line, superheat, sub cooling, etc shows) to switch screens
  • Fixed bug in system info where airflow screen can’t be accessed
  • Fixed bug where at 0 psi for pressures and not in non-invasive mode still shows superheat & subcooling target icons on outdoor measurements screen
  • Fixed bug where updating the target superheat would give suction line temperature an unrealistic target
  • Fixed typo in minor faults for “is not defined”
  • Fixed bug where blower motor type was not being accepted upon saving input data
  • Cleaned up element sizing for iPhone 5/5s
  • Fixed superheat target will now default to 5 deg. F if it cannot be calculated
  • Nominal tonnage is now rounded to nearest half ton when a rated capacity is entered

Items on our immediate roadmap for after the next release.

  • Ability to change units of measure
  • Save collected data
  • Reporting of job results

Many more features are on our roadmap and we’ll be sharing more as we go, here are a few recent requests. These may be moved up or down at any time.

  • Addition of Total, Sensible, and Latent fields in the extended performance section (Under System info tab)  for auto calculation of the SHR.
  • Ability to switch between WB and RH on the indoor air screen.

Keep your eyes on this post from this web site or through the QUICKFeed directly in the MeasureQUICK HVAC app for updates as we complete new features or have any bug fixes.

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  1. Good day MQ buddies/ I have 3 questions:
    1) does the calculator symbol beside a measurement express that the value is calculated?
    2) What are your recommendations for using MQ with equipment that has condenser fan cycling during colder weather?
    3) I have tried using the SEER electrical inputs but can’t seem to get a calculated SEER in performance report. Am I not doing it right? Used fan setup 208/1ph ph-ph voltages and amps but the seer did not come out on the report.

    Thanks! Keep up the great work- it is much appreciated!

    1. 1) The Calculator symbol shows what is calculated vs measured.
      2) Equipment really cannot be accurately performance tested when fan cycling is taking place. Eventually, there will be provision put into the app with the recommended settings for the controls, however.
      3) To get SEER, you need BTUH and Electrical data as well as airflow. Also, you need to have all of the electrical configured correctly as to package and split and completely filled out including power factors.

      Thanks for the feedback


  2. Hello, is there anyway to map a testo 905i temp probe as a suction or discharge line temp? Cant use my testo clamps on large commercial equipment. I exposed the bear k type thermocouple on the 905i and would love to use it as my line temps. Thank you

    1. Sorry, but that is not something that we want to do. Unless someone modifies the probe like you did it would not work. Sadly there will be those that think they can just strap it to the line. It will lead to more confusion then benefit. I would recommend that you slide the thermistor out of the clamp and strap that to the pipe.

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