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Furnace Commissioning w/ MeasureQuick 2.0

Publish Date: October 27, 2022
Host: Bryan Orr
Guest: Jim Bergmann

Jim Bergmann is back on the HVAC School podcast to discuss furnace commissioning procedures and the exciting developments in measureQuick 2.0.

MeasureQuick 2.0 represents a joint effort between Jim Bergmann and Joe Medosch, boasting an enhanced user interface for swifter operation, streamlined system data access and storage, and compatibility with a broader range of tool manufacturers’ equipment.

Gas furnaces need proper commissioning to achieve their full potential and longevity. MeasureQuick 2.0 offers step-by-step commissioning guidance, emphasizing the importance of starting with a thorough visual inspection, including the flame rectification system (rod, circuit board, and grounding). Flame rectification is a microamp-scale electrical conduction process, making a dedicated circuit vital for optimal performance.

In commissioning high-efficiency furnaces, ensuring the condensate drain remains unclogged is crucial. The filter should fully cover the airstream, preventing bypass and preventing the secondary heat exchanger, condensate drain, or circuit board from getting dirty. Attention to the combustion air zone (CAZ) is also essential, as contaminants can form acids that corrode furnace components.

Jim has collaborated with TEC to integrate measureQuick 2.0 with the TrueFlow grid and DG8, enabling users to pinpoint airflow issues more rapidly and conveniently than ever. Additionally, measureQuick 2.0 now stores an extensive amount of historical data, particularly concerning the built-in visual inspection checklist.

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