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measureQuick is EXPLODING with Jim & Joe

Publish Date: March 7, 2023
Host: Bryan Orr
Guest: Jim Bergmann, Joe Medosch

In this riveting podcast from AHR 2023, Jim Bergmann and Joe Medosch discuss the explosive growth and exciting new features of measureQuick. They also dive into the buzz surrounding heat pumps, electrification, and other hot industry topics.

Jim Bergmann recently penned an eye-opening letter addressing the heat pump situation and the skill gaps within the industry. By focusing on comprehensive training, a solid grasp of building science fundamentals, and embracing hybrid systems, we can overcome these shortcomings. Heat pumps, however, may still face challenges during extreme weather conditions and struggle to handle temperature fluctuations effectively.

measureQuick has been actively collaborating with ACCA and forming strategic partnerships to promote standardization for both individual companies and the industry as a whole. Numerous businesses are integrating with measureQuick, notably TEC and their TrueFlow Grid. Consistency in accuracy across brands is remarkable, and measureQuick empowers users to combine different tools seamlessly. The customer-facing aspect of measureQuick has seen significant enhancements, allowing clients to appreciate the value and quality of their installations.

To manage these growing pains, measureQuick remains committed to continuous testing. Joe and Jim are dedicated to delivering a smooth, intuitive, and problem-free user experience for all.

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