Testing the Testo Smart Probes with MeasureQuick

Written by Jim Bergmann

September 7, 2017


Testo Smart Probes in Action with MeasureQuick

Working with the Testo Smart Probes, and finally getting some data from live equipment into MeasureQUICK. I had some reservations about the ease of use of app-to-app communication, but no more. We are very happy with the first pass. MeasureQUICK takes the Testo Smart Probes to a whole new level providing diagnostics, reporting, capacity calculations and efficiency calculations that allow the user to properly service the equipment and document the results. Watch for the integration in the next app release.

Here is a link to the Testo probes.

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    1. Chris,
      This is as good a place as any, but also [email protected] works. Phase to ground and phase to phase are used for different reasons. On most electrical systems each phase is metered separately, on others, it is not. You can have systems that are 115 or 120 volt, that phase to phase are 208, 230, 0r 240V systems. It depends on the supply voltage and the phase offset. We allow for input of either.

  1. Just noticed there is no 575 option under single phase for condenser and evaporator motors, will this be added in the future? I come accross these in the smaller rtu’s I commission and it would be nice to have all proper voltages for the start up reports.

  2. I can’t seen to get measurements to pull from the smart probes application, when I hit the measure button it switches to the smart probes app then I hit share but it just stays in the testo app. Is there an update pending for the testo app? Or am I just missing a step here?

  3. Thank you guys for this great app, can’t wait for all the features to be live. Where should we go to give feed back – feature requests? Like a contact import button and text fields being larger.

      1. Thanks for all your great effort Jim and staff…

        From a UX standpoint and how I would envision my tech’s using this app and reporting features, I would change the `Customer Info` as being the first view as apposed to the `Geolocate`, as I think all the reports should show customer info (address, etc.), as well as the `Geolocate` could derive it’s data from the customer info. Or to skip customer info one could click on the `Geolocate` option.

        On iOS it is very easy to implement a contact import using the `CNContactPicker`, as well as the text field height in your table view can be easily set using the `tableView(_,heightForRowAt:)`, and making the text fields the full height of the table cell with a clear background and using the placeholder text for the user to know that it’s an editable field, for what it’s worth.

        Thanks again!

        1. Thanks for the feedback, we will get those changes implemented. We were not 100% happy with the UI and UX either and were hoping for this type of constructive feedback.

          Thanks so much!

          Jim Bergmann

      2. I got to try this in the field today while checking a heat pump system. Been anxious to try the updates. I put the unit in air conditioning so I could try out the new features. Pulling in the Testo smart probes worked great. I am excited this feature is live.

        Two more UI / UX things. It would be nice to allow landscape mode (at least for iPad), also not sure if it really affects any of the calculations (because you do enter outdoor temperature in the outdoor measurement section), but it would be nice to have an option to be able to enter outdoor DB and RH (even better if it can be pulled in from smart probes 605i) as well as altitude. I say this for when you are on a Wifi only tablet you may not be able to connect to the weather station data.

        I’m excited for what this app will bring to the field! Thanks again.

  4. Hi Jim

    Any plans to make the final pdf report customizable for things such a company logos or editing the layout or content of the report?

  5. Great app! I like the app and have used it manually a few times. I have the Testo 115i and 549i but have been unable to get the data from the Testo app to MQ. The indoor works with my605i but I do not get the “measure outdoor” button in the outdoor section. I did activate under the tools menu. Please help.

  6. Hey Jim, will this app be able to work on heat pumps running in the heating mode as well? Currently it doesn’t, but I heard somewhere that it was in the works. Thanks.

  7. The newest up date said support for the testo 557 was added, is this active of so how do we connect the Manifold?
    Thank you

    1. Jeff MQ can support multiple tools at the same time. That said, it will only support one manifold at a time, and the Testo 557 is app-to-app communication. Streaming data will override any single point data as it comes in.

      1. I have nothing that streams, all of my equipment is testo. I have smart probes for air measurements and I have no issues sending data from the app to measurequick and it works great but I cannot get the refrigeration app for the 557s to send data to the measurequick app.

    1. We are hoping so, that is up to Testo. The app to app communication was the easiest route for them to get started.

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