AccuTools BluVac App open for beta testing

Written by Bobby Bonitati

April 17, 2017

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AccuTools and MeasureQUICK have partnered to built a new stand-alone application for the BluVac+ Professional gauge, and we are looking for beta testers that own the BluVac+ Professional or are in the market to buy one and would like to be part of the beta test team. (Sorry this is an app only beta test, the hardware is already proven.) The first release will be iOS only, with Android following in less than a week. We have taken a lot of time to redesign the user interface and design in powerful features that will let you get the most out of the BluVac+ Professional. We have some really cool features coming soon also that are both extremely practical as well as educational when it comes to truly understanding vacuum and evacuation. 

If you are interested in beta testing, send an email to [email protected] with your Apple ID or Google ID and put Beta Tester in the subject line.

Powered by MeasureQUICK applications will soon work with MeasureQUICK software and cloud allowing for the creation of custom jobs, pre-population of reports, and more.

By the way, the application has built-in emulators if you want to download and play with the application and reporting features without the hardware. We expect to do an official application release in the next 7-10 days after end-user feedback.

First Release App Features

  • Gauge UI with scaled stages
  • Chart UI to trend data
  • Gauge manager
  • 1 minute and 5-minute emulator for demo data
  • Show or hide targets
  • Set target evacuation and target decay
  • Default Microns-only on app for now (converted from units set on gauge)
  • Default Fahrenheit-only on app for now (converted from units set on gauge)
  • Default Microns/s rate only on app for now (converted from units set on gauge)
  • Record data points
  • Calculate basic statistics
  • Add customer, equipment, and notes to record
  • Export data as CSV (default app units only)
  • Export data as PDF (default app units only)
  • Control backlight and sound on gauge
  • Change units of measure on gauge from app

Coming Soon!

  • Save & Connect to multiple gauges at the same time
  • Trend multiple gauges on chart UI
  • View all units of measure on app
  • Run specific tests that sync up with gauge
  • Save custom evacuation profiles
  • Login ability to MeasureQUICK to save settings and records
  • Additional PDF features and flexibility
  • Geolocation of test
  • Auto-reconnect
  • Auto-connect on app start
  • Additional UIs to use
  • Better support in landscape orientation

Thanks for your support!


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