Benchmarking a system with measureQuick

Written by Valerie Buckles

March 30, 2020

Benchmarking an Air Conditioner with measureQuick

Benchmarking the System

“Benchmarking” is one of the most important features of measureQuick. Once a system is benchmarked, hooking up pressure probes will be a thing of the past, and service going forward will be exponentially faster.

The ideal time to benchmark a system is at the end of an install, or after a retro commissioning of the system. Once the system is stable, the superheat and subcooling are in range, and the airflow has been set. Once the system is as perfect as you will ever get it. No tweaking after benchmarking. If you do, you will want to benchmark the system again. Tap (+) and “Set Benchmark’, the targets will align and your world of service will forever be changed.

Keep the Sealed System Sealed

Once the system is benchmarked and the system is sealed, (I suggest locking valve caps), there will be no reason to use pressure probes in the future. All testing going forward can be done by temperature, eliminating the risk of leaks or introduction of non-condensables into the system. Before you say it can’t be done, when was the last time you checked the charge on your refrigerator? Temperature testing works when you have a benchmark to work from! Keep the sealed system sealed!

Stop Connecting those Gauges!

On return visits to the unit, users can pull down the benchmark of the system and use NIST (Non-invasive System Testing) to test entire systems without the gauges.

Click Here to learn more about NIST testing.

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