Fieldpiece Job Link Probe Integration into measureQuick with Real-time Streaming and More!

Written by Jim Bergmann

August 9, 2018

Well, you asked and Fieldpiece delivered!

First thanks to everyone at Fieldpiece for making this happen! We could not be more excited to work with them, and for Job Link to work with measureQuick. measureQuick now has full access to the Fieldpiece Job Link® probes.

I know 1/2 of you are too excited to read past here, so ……to get started, completely close your app, (swipe close), reopen it, and you should see it check for updates and load the latest version of measureQuick with Job Link compatibility!

Wow, Factor! OK, I cannot lie, this is really freaking cool, and it will not disappoint. It’s everything you asked for and more. The direct connection to the Job Link probes opened a whole host of opportunity including a probe management system with signal strength, and battery life indication as well as live readings from each probe in the probe management section. A live connection in mQ gives us a lot of flexibility, so there are some exciting things to read below.

Expanded capabilities! measureQuick can handle multiple Job Link Probes allowing for the addition of wireless discharge line temperature, and outdoor air to the standard Job Link measurement set. Additional clamps and hydrometers are available separately and will offer additional measurements that will extend Job Link capability within measureQuick and provide a means of more sophisticated diagnostics.

New Features! What fun is live data without trending? Job Link gave us a good excuse to accelerate the development of trending into mQ! See superheat swings, pressure changes, and know when the temperature split has stabilized and more. This is the first release, so expect more to come in the trending section, but it is rock solid and has most of the key elements you will want to see.

Other Features:

  • Tired of things you know are not the problem showing up in diagnostics? Scan, check and clear out problems that are not issues.
  • Getting lost in and out of projects? An in project indicator will now show you when you are in an active project so you don’t accidentally overwrite data.
  • Have multiple return and or filters? We have expanded the information section to add in multiple filters and grills. The total airflow is added together. We also provided provisions for zoning and handy drop downs to eliminate the need for fat fingering manual inputs.
  • A ton of general improvements.

Want Wireless? Want wireless clamps for you iManifold® or iConnect®? Wait no longer! Use Job Link Probes and measureQuick and you will get an elegant fully functional solution! Job Link probes can be used for suction, liquid, discharge and outdoor air temperature completely eliminating the need for wired probes! Yes, it’s true, wireless for iManifold that actually has no wires!

Fieldpiece JL3PC Premium Pipe Clamp Probe (1/4″ to 1-3/8″) are sold individually and have an exceptional wireless range that will work for most all residential and most commercial applications. Take advantage of the patent-pending Rapid Rail sensor technology on the JL3PC Job Link Premium Pipe Clamp Probe for extremely fast and accurate measurements that surpass California’s Title 24 requirements. The JL3PC Job Link Premium Pipe Clamp Probe’s Rapid Rail sensor is specifically designed to work on HVACR electrically (and thermally) conductive piping. The  Pipe Clamp Probe uses the pipe itself to complete the circuit so ambient air does not affect testing resulting in the highest temperature accuracy! We tested it against thermistor probes and it is constantly within 10ths of a degree. Navigate cramped spaces using the narrow jaw of the JL3PC Job Link Premium Pipe Clamp Probe. Mix and match products and probes to arrive at the perfect solution for your measurement needs.

Job Link ® is a registered trademark of Field Instruments Inc.

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  1. Thank you! Just did a google search to see if any news on fieldpiece and measurequick. And can’t believe my eyes! Awesome great work Jim!

    1. Yes I had a question I am currently using the sman 4 with joblink jl-2 and was wondering if this is compatible with measure quick for live measurements.

      1. Yes I had a question I am currently using the sman 4 with joblink jl-2 and was wondering if this is compatible with measure quick for live measurements.

      2. We are working on incorporating the Sman480v into measureQuick & the Fieldpiece probes already link to mQ without a transmitter.

  2. Thank you so much… I’ve been typing in all the data manually… Just found out about the job link and measurequick hooking/linking up and used it today… AMAZING!!! Love it, keep up the good work Jim!


  3. So does this update also bring in the wireless capabilities of the clamp meters or is that still just Testo territory

  4. Jim,

    We aren’t using the field piece probes just yet and are still using the iconnect and associated probes. Out in the field this morning testing equipment. MeasureQuick connected to the iconnect with no problems however would not read any probe information. We switched to the iManifold app and everything worked just fine. Tried to re-map in measurequick but it only showed the job link. How do I get the iConnect and probes to work again?

    1. If you go to the home screen for MQ and tap the user button top left then scroll down to supported tools and tap the (i) button for iConnect, it will show you how to map the probes in. The first time they currently have to be mapped on the iManifold app.

      To delete projects, swipe left, hit delete.

      We are doing a class tonight on HVAC School. I would recommend you go if you can 8:00 pm est.

  5. I am having issues with my JL2 connecting to integrate my airflow measurements. Is it supported, or is it just the probes for airflow?

  6. We as a company have bought every tech the field piece smart probes,and bluvac pro will be nice to get one commissioning report,We would like to get report on a sticker to leave on system and lock out ,we are starting no more gauge attachment after commissioning
    Thanks for all your hard work,wish is was this easy to get it wright 45 years ago when I started In hvac it took hr in the lab in college to do what we do now in minutes

  7. Jim can you tell me where the info of approx 85% installed systems are over/under charged
    And the very high % system air flow wrong comes from?Testing done?
    Any numbers on nitrogen flow then proper evacuation performed with decay testing on system installs.

  8. Are replacement crews switched over from fieldpeice system reporting to measurequick ,basic reporting went fine, some training will be needed for all the fine nuances .Did get feed back that app would not recognize the BluVac pro recognized are fieldpiece and Testo equipment. Had to use the stand alone bluvac ( measure Quick) app for our evacuate reporting I’m sure we’re doing something wrong any help ?

  9. Can the MeasureQuick app using fieldpiece jobink probes be used together with testo smart probes to allow for extra temp sensors?

    Do you think Sporlan Smart tool And/or Smart Probe Pro/R kits be available to use with MeasureQuick any time in the near future?

    1. Patrick, Yes they can, and I am not sure on Sporlan, we have talked to them in the past, but we have not come to an agreement.

  10. Hey Jim

    I’ve been learning to use the app and I think it’s great, just wondering if there any plans to have kPa as a settings option in the future.

    Anyway thanks for all your hard work and education, cheers from Australia!


  11. Just upgraded my tools to JL3 probes and MeasureQuick. I know it may have a few bugs but what a great addition to the HVAC industry. Finally somebody gets it. Great job Jim!!!

  12. I would like to know that probes to use to measure discharge temp as well as outdoor temp?

    “Expanded capabilities! MeasureQuick can handle multiple Job Link Probes (8 at the moment) allowing for the addition of wireless discharge line temperature, and outdoor air to the standard Job Link measurement set. Additional clamps and hydrometers are available separately and will offer additional measurements that will extend Job Link capability within MeasureQuick and provide a means of more sophisticated diagnostics.”

    1. Jim.
      Will Field piece offer the 9th probe option with a 3rd pressure probe for DSH ( Discharge Super Heat)? Would be great for Commercial systems. Very critical measurement needed for a full diagnostic.

    2. Richard,

      We can actually do over 20 probes, and you can map to outdoor air and the discharge line. We will also be doing some mixed air calculations with multiple psyhchrometers.



  13. Need some help just bought a new set of fieldpiece joblink probes i have a iPhone and i cant connect to them with the measure quick app. When i turn them on only 1 will show in the app and it shows up a testo not field piece. Please help
    Thank you nick c

    1. Hi Nick, we just posted a video on the website on how to link the joblink probes. Take a look and if you have any questions, let us know.

  14. Hey Jim, this is a really great app. Has taken my skills to a whole Nother level and understanding of the fall work of a air-conditioning system. I’ve heard of all these things that the app shows me all of my life even in trade school but was never able to see it in action visually. Thank you so much for all your dedication to the industry. I would like to See if the programmers could do something about the amount of battery life that this app sucks for my cell phone. It really drains it down quick. I don’t believe it’s the battery issue because it is a brand new cell phone.

  15. Jim , this is a great app, I like the way we can document the technicians work and be able to save it for future maintenance as history. But now, since the app still growing and brands now can see your trending !!!, if you have the opportunity to set a powerful tool set for a new tech, I would like to know what brands you will recommend on that list. So TESTO gages with fieldpiece probes, what about vacuum ? Testo 552 was left behind. I dont like the idea of having different brands. Please advice, because im about to buy all this tools for once and I would like to be able to keep using these instruments and all new ones coming.
    thanks a lot for this great effort.

    1. The brands you use are really up to you, they all have their own advantages. Some tools like the Testo 510 manometer are exclusive to that manufacturer. The FP probes have the best range and flexibility. I would get a Testo 510 for static, a couple of Testo 905i for higher temperatures, a Redfish 550, the BluVac Professional coming soon, and the BluFlame Combustion analyzer if I were putting together a kit today.

  16. Is it possible to make your app work offline completely, without Log-in,
    just to view the measurement at least, Please!
    My helper broke my tablet, and good thing I keep several of them in my truck,
    I keep the app in my sd card and got new
    tablet out put my sd card in and installed and could not use it without the internet as it requires log-in, which
    beats the purpose of using this app to view the measurement. Their was no wifi or cell that I could use. Had to drive back to my office to just get this app working which took the job twice longer then it should.
    This is the only thing I would rate #1 in what you could improve in your
    app is the complete offline mode in new install without log-in.

    1. The only thing you need to be online for is the initial download and registration. After that it will work even in airplane mode.

  17. Recently purchased the Fieldpiece smart probes (temp, pressure, line temp). I have downloaded MQ and after activating the Fieldpiece probes in the Toolbox, all the probes are listed and show reception and indicate the appropriate pressure or temperature, but the readings do not transfer over to the home screen. So, looking at the screen with the gauges displayed, the reading are zero pressure, etc.

    I deleted the MQ app and reinstalled it. Still having the same problem.

    The probes are collecting data and the it appears the Bluetooth tool page is recognizing the probe data, but the data is not transferring over to the home page of MQ.

    Any thoughts?

    1. The probes need to be mapped to their function. Simply go to the toolbox and tap each probe to map it to its function.

    1. Not yet, a screenshot is about the best you can do at the moment. I am sure in the future it will be incorporated. We are already doing that with the BluVac app.

  18. Hello Jim,
    I am new to this field. I want to buy a latest version of iManifold or iConnect, or similar product. Is the Fieldpiece Joblink + MeasureQuick is the latest version so far? If I also want to recharge a refrigerant to a system while the probes are still on, which kind of connectors are the best for this kind of purpose? Thank you

    1. The best bang for the buck is the Fieldpiece Job Link Probes. TruTech Tools has specific MQ kits and the fittings for adding/removing refrigerant.

  19. Good Morning Jim,

    I seem to be hit and miss with getting real time CFM readings on the app. I manually enter my pressure drop readings, is there anything else I need to be doing? Thanks

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