iManifold integration into measureQuick

Written by Jim Bergmann

November 18, 2017

Awesome times at measureQuick! What a difference a year makes. The integration of iManifold into measureQuick breaths new life into a product that so many of you invested in. Thanks for your continued support!

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  1. I tried to use your app with Imanifold today, it would connect, but all temps and pressure off about 50 to 80 pounds and or degrees, would not zero out,
    Went back to Imanifold app and OK
    Any ideas, would like to try your app
    Thank you Dale

    1. Dale,

      By default, the app goes to the NIST mode or “Non-Invasive Test Mode”. Go to the left menu, select “Test Mode” and “System Test” that should resolve the issue. If the needles are blue on the gauges, they are showing where the pressure should be based on the load conditions. If you tap the blue leaf in the upper left it will explain how the NIST mode works.



    2. Hi Jim
      Please can you design the app to profile chillers with *C and KPA
      The points list is as follows:
      Discharge Press, Suction pressure, oil pressure, oil pressure difference, Economiser pressure, water pressure in & out , discharge gas temperature, saturated condensing temperature, discharge super heat, liquid line temperature,sub cool , oil temperature, motor temperature, saturated suction temperature, suction gas temperature, suction superheat , water temperature in & out , compressor amps


  2. Couple of questions.
    Are there any plans to incorporate the red fish meter into measure quick?
    Are you developing a maintenance check list like the iManifold app? (I want to move away from theirs)
    Are you adding in the BluVac micron gauge?

    Glad to see you back Jim.

    George Childers

    1. Redfish is on the way, Bluvac is already incorporated, and we are working on the checklists for MeasureQUICK!

      Thanks, George!

      Jim Bergmann

  3. I am on the fence as to what to buy for wireless probes. Does measure quick work with the iconnect system? I just don’t want to make the wrong choice due to the cost of this type of equipment. Currently I am using a testo 550 with Bluetooth and an older testo 557. I definitely want to use your app as I am sure it will be cutting edge. Please advise, thanks in advance.

  4. I started using your app (MQ HVAC)on my android phone this past week and have used it in the field for commissioning of 2 new systems. I had to enter the values manually. I am totally impressed with the visual layout, using current location, and many other features! The MQ app allows me to see what the numbers are indicating without having to do it all in my head, after all a picture is worth a 1000 words and your app has multiple picture representations of the numbers. I also just ordered the Field Piece JL3KH6 pressure, temp, indoor air probes, but haven’t received them yet. I download the FP app to take a look at it in anticipation of receiving the instruments and OH CRAP! what a disappointment! I think I may have made a mistake in purchasing the FP instruments. Maybe not so much the instruments but because of their lame app. The instruments value to the service tech is his bread and butter and his reputation. With wireless instruments the ability to convey that information to the tech is just as valuable and important as the actual instrument itself. This brings me to my question. Will your app work with these FP instruments? if not now in the VERY near future (I hope)? Please bring me up to date on that possibility.
    Thanks Don

  5. Been doing lot of research on Bluetooth wireless manifolds.i like the features on Fieldpiece and have good luck with them and I been using Testo 550 gauges and testo products also and is the iManifold worth the investment. I really measure-quick app I like seeing the gages and temps exposed In front is really good app.

  6. When would the a manifold be able to work with measure quick I just purchased and I manifold but cannot get it to connect with measure quick

  7. What is required to access the desktop application on, does this allow you to access your saved jobs from a pc?

  8. Does this software work across multiple platforms Simultaneously? Say testo humidity/temp sensors indoor with iconnect pressure and temperature repeater? I like iconnect use of copper Atkins temp products for piping temperatures. And I like testo vac kit for air flow measurements. Thank you in advance

    1. Yes it does, but some will be app to app and some streaming. Anything that is streaming will override any app to app data as it comes in. So as long as you do not double up measurements you should be OK.

  9. I can’t seem to get a system to stabilize when using measurequick. The setups are checked several times to make sure it is correct. Currently using the iConnect.

    1. George,

      In order for the system to stabilize you need stable temperature split, superheat and subcooling. If you add or remove charge it will destabilize. If you change airflow the same. It takes about a minute of data initially to baseline the system. What type of systems are you working on that you are having problems?

      1. Jim,
        This has occurred on heat pump split systems. No air flow or refrigerant adjustments were made. I waited for 30 minutes to stabilize. The system was actually running before I arrived at the site. The indoor and outdoor units were separated by a metal wall on the same level about 10′ apart. No indication of losing an input from the indoor probes as I could see updates every few minutes. I did check the setup in measurequick. Just trying to determine if I missed a step so I don’t repeat the issue. However the program did list possible faults or symptoms to further investigate. I will make sure to let you know if this happens again as I want to incorporate this as a part of checks every time we are on a demand service call.

  10. I can get the Iconnect to connect to measure quick but how do I see the wireless probes? I can’t get none of my probes to show up in the app. I’m confused.

    1. Carl,
      go to the user setting, top left scroll down to supported tools and tap the (i) button. There is specific set up instructions for iManifold and iConnect.



      1. It won’t scroll down to read past where it says imanifold 900m mapping. I can see down to oda=T4. Is there more down below that? I am on Android updated version today.

        1. “Make sure to power on all wireless probes before connecting.” You do have to add to the Zigbee network in the iManifold app first. We do not manage the probes yet in MQ. Once connected you will not need to use iManifold again.

        2. On current version of measure quick app. Seems like there is more there to read after tapping on I but it doesn’t scroll up or down. It’s just a pop up and it wont move. I have to tap outside of the pop-up to get it to close out of the way.

  11. I am looking at purchasing an iConnect kit. I know that you and you’re team developed both mQ and iManifold and would like to know what advantages mQ currently has over the iManifold app? Would iConnect be worth the price considering the Fieldpiece JL probes recently got added to mQ. My biggest concern is range seeing I work in heavy and light commercial applications, the second concern would be the accuracy of the Fieldpiece thermocouple over the use of thermistors with the iConnect.

    1. MQ is the second generation of this technology, better built and supported.

      For the money, I would try FP probes first. They provide a great user experience and they have a very good range. You could use FP and iManifold together later if you wanted if they did not do what you wanted to do.

      The clamp has stellar accuracy it seems. They are using a “rapid rail technology” that uses the pipe itself as the thermocouple. It is not affected by wind and has an almost instant response.

  12. I tried 2 different android phones. Both phones I tied to power on all probes and iconnect. Then I connect measure quick app to the Iconnect wich connects. But I don’t get anything showing up in the app other than iconnect is connected. No probes are connecting?

    I also tried using the imanifold app and connecting and everything connects and is mapped as low pressure, high pressure, return probe, supply probe. All probes are connected and showing up. Then I try connecting to the Iconnect through the measure quick app and itwon’t because it’s already connected to imanifold app. So I close the imanifold app after everything is connected and connect to measure quick app and the Iconnect connects but still no probes at all show up. I don’t know what else to try. I’ve used it once in the past right after the imanifold integration and probes showed up then. Then I recently tried to start using the measure quick app with zero success. Would be awesome to have some way to see what probes are connected and mapping like in the imanifold app.
    I like the measure quick app better but it will not work for me.

  13. – Is there support for the 921-M manometer probe?

    – I can see the 900C mapping under the supported tools tab however, I don’t see the connected probes under probe manager and touching the “?” does nothing.

    – Can I delete projects in the results tab?

    – Do you have a FAQ or general rundown on features and functions?


    1. Anthony,

      No support yet for the 921, but we will eventually get it in there.

      If you go to the home screen for MQ and tap the user button top left then scroll down to supported tools and tap the (i) button for iConnect, it will show you how to map the probes in. The first time they currently have to be mapped on the iManifold app.

      To delete projects, swipe left, hit delete.

      We are doing a class tonight on HVAC School. I would recommend you go if you can 8:00 pm est.

  14. I am convinced the appis my problem. I have tried 3 different android phones and none of them can see the iconnect wireless probes. They will all connect to the Iconnect fine. They all work with the imanifold app fine and connect to the probes.
    I tried an old iPhone 5c that has been sitting around for 3 years. It will connect with the Iconnect and the probes connect shortly after and can see them.
    The app has an android issue.
    My android is a Droid turbo 2 that came out a few years ago. It works with everything else no problem.

  15. Is there a way to disable the Ipad auto lock feature when using the MQ app? If I don’t manually disable autolock in the general tab, the Ipad will go into sleep mode and disconnects from IConnect. Also, if I just want to check a system instead of starting a project, all of the information entered like refrigerant type and tonnage resets back to default upon waking.

    1. Yes, in the settings, upper right “gear” there is a switch to always “keep on” As far as deleting anything, that should not happen when you go to a project in the current versions. Close the app completely and restart it and make sure it is up to date. Worst case remove and reinstall it.

  16. Hi Jim, can I use imanifold and wireless probes with measure Quick.
    I have not successfully connected the wireless probes with it yet.
    However the manifold itself works great.
    Thank’s Again

  17. hi jim I love your app. I used it before with one of my co-workers probes and love it. but I own the uei hub6. I wonder when are the uei probes going to be added to th measure quick app. thanks

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