MeasureQUICK HVAC App Open for Beta Testing!

Written by Jim Bergmann

August 20, 2017

Download the free MeasureQUICK™ application!

Sorry in advance for the long post, but there is a big audience (technicians, manufacturers, program providers and more) and a lot of questions to answer. In our complete transparent nature, here we go!

Exciting times for me, Bobby, and the rest of the MeasureQUICK team, as 8 months and thousands of man-hours of design, development, and programming have culminated into our first app release, a beta of the MeasureQUICK HVAC application.  Available now on Android and on iOS, this initial release is intended to share the direction we are headed and to get feedback from our most important end user, you!

This is a public beta release of the application that features the Air Conditioning interface including full system testing (invasive & non-invasive) and system evacuation.  Technicians, program providers, and specialty tool manufacturers can work with calculations, diagnostics, and the navigation of the application, and start to see the breadth and depth of what MeasureQUICK HVAC will have to offer. MeasureQUICK HVAC is a full HVAC diagnostic and reporting tool, so watch for additions of airflow modules, electrical, evacuation, combustion, building science, and more in the coming weeks and months.

In future releases soon to come, we will be incorporating a “toolbox” you will see in the application, where you can start to add and work with some of your favorite test instruments from Testo, Accutools® BluVac, Redfish Instruments, and of course the iManifold® and iConnect®. If your brand is not on the list, forward a link to this article to the manufacturer and ask them to become a MeasureQUICK Tool Partner.

MeasureQUICK has been a vision of mine since the invention of the iPad. I could not be more proud of the team that brought it to reality.

MeasureQUICK has also partnered with Bryan Orr and the HVACR School to provide “just-in-time education” to technicians by linking to their great content in the MeasureQUICK diagnostic pages. The direct in-app links to the articles will be a tremendous resource for technicians to fully leverage the power of the MeasureQUICK HVAC application. Watch for the links throughout.  If you have not done so already, subscribe to the podcast by clicking the subscribe link at the top of the linked page.

PS. Don’t worry Zack, I am still on for podcasting with The Working Joes Round Table,  you guys are doing an awesome job educating the industry too!

So what will the app cost me?

Great question,  nothing, nada, it is a totally free application with access to premium services. At MeasureQUICK we are firm believers that science and education should be free.  Any of you that know me personally understand that I have a passion for teaching and bettering the HVAC community as a whole. MeasureQUICK is not only a tool, but also a training vehicle to do so. This “free application” will always remain that way, allowing for manual input of your data without cost to technicians.  The free app will include unlimited use of diagnostics, testing, capacity calculations, performance calculations, basic reporting and more. We want technicians like you to use it as a tool, on the job, in the classroom for training, and as a resource for bettering everyone that uses it without burden. Our goal is to make better technicians and improve the HVAC industry for everyone that uses our application and services.

If the app is “free”, how are you going to survive?

As far as we are concerned, in a nutshell, mainly on a “diet of wire nuts” or small fee premium features that increase technician or data flow productivity. We like to think of these features as wire nuts because they are a simple, yet elegant low-cost solution to what was once a tedious complex process of connecting two things together.  Just like wire nuts connect two wires, MeasureQUICK will connect consumers to data. Those that need the data will pay for it. Just like you buy wire nuts, you will use the premium features of MeasureQUICK, bought in a block of credits, and used only as you need them. No monthly fees for the application and credits are managed through a free cloud subscription. No nickel and dime charges on your credit card, no need to tie billing to your smartphone payment account. Credits can be managed at the contractor (office) or at the individual level.

But hey, nuts are for squirrels, and who wouldn’t want a steak and a glass of bourbon once in awhile?

MeasureQUICK will be funded by several other mechanisms including:

  • MeasureQUICK Tool Partners, a “gated community” of specialty tool manufacturers that want to leverage the MeasureQUICK platform and application for their customers without the burden, cost, development, and maintenance of a sophisticated diagnostic and secure reporting application. Tool manufacturers that work with MeasureQUICK will save development dollars, open up opportunities for their customers, and simply sell more tools.
  • Technicians or contractors that want to increase their own productivity by adding tools to their “toolbox” to allow for either app-to-app transmission of data or direct connection to supported Bluetooth equipped tools. This will send data directly to the application without the need for fat fingering and the associated challenges that come with it. These will be one-time purchases that can be paid for by the technician or contractor. The purchase price will always be nominal but will vary with the tool complexity, support, and any manufacturers or program provider offset.
  • Program Provider and state contracted services including custom application development, features, workflow, premium reporting and secure data transmission and management for utility and state-sponsored programs.
  • Cloud storage, retrieval, and premium reporting services.
  • Subscription to the MeasureQUICK Desktop application for fleet management of MeasureQUICK, technicians, pre-population of data, and APIs to integrate with other CRM office software.
  • OEM’s that leverage MeasureQUICK to better support their clients
  • Wholesalers that leverage MeasureQUICK for use with their Customer Service Reps to better support field service technicians.
  • Custom application development
  • Consulting
  • Private/custom technician training

So that is it! Download the application and let us know what you think. Things will be changing and coming quickly so keep watch of what is to come!

The beta release also includes a preview of the free Non-Invasive System Test (NIST) for you to work with to better understand non-invasive system testing. We will be publishing a separate post specifically on that feature later this week. Thanks in advance!

Jim Bergmann
President of Manifold Cloud Services
Makers of the MeasureQUICK application


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    1. Full units support is in the works. It will be supported world wide. The beta release is a minimum viable product to get some industry feedback.

  1. Glad I kept an old android phone on hand- can’t wait for the iOS version. Ran my units numbers thru today and I’m curious what they will be once I give my system a good cleaning. Where are you recommending the MQ community gather and discuss? Facebook, twitter, etc…

  2. Hi Jim, Just wondering how the picture section works on the model serial # section. Will this auto fill this information if it can see the tag clear?

    1. Kelly,

      That is a barcode scanner, and it will prepopulate the data, but it could require some editing or may not produce expected results depending on how the manufacturer populated the numbers in the barcode itself.



  3. Hi Jim,
    I’ve seen that your working on SI units, that would be good. That was the first thing I noticed when I downloaded your app.

      1. Thanks for the reply Jim, I think this app is going to fix just about every complaint I had with the testo apps. I hope that they will be supported.

    1. 3 phase is already available. In the system information screen, set the electrical to 3 phase and it will show up that way in the electrical section. I will ask the programmers to add a switch in the electrical section as well.

  4. hey jim im new to the industry been in the restaurant business for many years now in school for hvac/r this make me very excited that all these tools will be working. will there be full systems for refrigeration?My goal is to be light commercial , restaurants small markets etc. I listen to you and brian . I picked up on you guys at the best time now that im in school because lots of the things we are learning seems to becoming of the past. I look forward for all the things you have in store. Now im currently looking for my tools so have lots of questions of which to go with as far as digital. I want something that will be full integration that will give me the edge on techs out there and become one of the good ones. thanks

  5. Buenas tardes.. Disculpe que le hable en español
    No hablo bien ingles y quiero ser respetuoso.
    Les felicito por la app y la idea es magnifica
    Sin duda cubre un hueco que muchos llevamos tiempo soñando. A modo de critica constructiva
    La interface se podria hacer mucho mas moderna y quedaria mejor.
    Lo que si me parece super importante seria poder usar smart probes de testo o lo que cada uno tenga.
    Les animo a conseguirlo y espero pronto lo
    Comuniquen para poder usarlo.

    1. No hablo español, así que perdonen el uso de Google Translate. Gracias por sus comentarios. Estamos trabajando en una interfaz de usuario más moderna, la clave en la primera versión de la aplicación era demostrar los cálculos y la capacidad de solución de problemas. La aplicación funcionará muy pronto con las sondas inteligentes Testo. Usted no será decepcionado. Hemos estado probándolo internamente y es muy poderoso. Esperamos también para traducir todos los de solución de problemas pronto en español, por lo que debe ser de alguna ayuda para usted también.

      Jim Bergmann

  6. Hi. Is there any news on when the update for Testo probes is going to be released? Im looking forward to using this with some of the r-22 replacements like 438a for which you cant buy gages.

    1. We are working on getting everything wrapped up. We hope to have it released tonight or tomorrow. There are a lot of new features and a lot of testing that went into this version. Thanks for your patience!

  7. Is there a way to input the data as a heat pump? Other than just using the outdoor temps in the indoor area. I was messing with the app and it kept telling me I had low load on the evaporator.

  8. Would love a section for airhandling numbers, blower, inducer, capacitor, filter size . Would make this a great all in one app for the tech to track full system performance over the years

  9. Ciao. So the app its not working in Europe. Italy more precise. My version or testo smart prove app does not have a share option. THX have a good day

    1. Paul,

      No, it does not, and there are no plans to incorporate it. That was the decision of Fieldpiece. There may have been some underlying reasons. It is an older product, it might have required some updating to do so.



  10. Measure quick app will not let me create an account. It keeps saying error logging in, be sure password is correct.

    1. There is a signup button all the way at the bottom of the page. My guess is you are trying to use the login without an account. If you had an account at one time, use the forgot password button to reset your password.

      1. No I’m trying to create a account from the create an account button. I put in all the information then it says check your password. I have deleted the app numorous times to try and work the bug out and nothing is working.

        1. Error:
          Please try again
          Error logging in, be sure you input your password correctly.

          I’ve also tried the forgot password link and it pulls up a white screen with a done button on bottom left corner.

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